Tuesday, May 24, 2016


First activity during my short-lived 2 days unemployment; Watch another Pangdemonium show!!!
With the Azman sisters!


The stage tonight; A very realistic humble home setup.

I almost never read up synopsis or reviews on the shows (&movies) I am going to watch because I enjoy being surprised...... Also because I tend to wanna read too much about the stories once I start. Needless to say, I didn't know what I was watching tonight too... I actually thought it would be some kind of typical love story with one falling for another. You know.. because 'falling'.. Har har....

But boy, have I never been so wrong!!!

"Falling" was a great great show about unconditional love in a family where one of the children is autistic. Severely autistic. I never fully understood the concept about autism and tonight was a great eye-opener.

The complex emotions each family member has to go through, while the child continues his life in his own world, in his own daily routine; Playing train and reacting the exact same way every single morning. So tiring just watching it! This character gets violent too.. Hits himself and the person nearest to him. And he's a big guy, so it becomes challenging for the family members.

The actors did a fantastic job portraying their characters!! I felt all the emotions..... Anger, confusion, uneasy and.... sadness. Especially the actor who had the autistic role - He was so good that I really felt for the role. I felt extremely uncomfortable whenever he hits himself and has an episode, I felt my heart twist each time. :(( There was also a post-dialogue where we learned more about autism. Very good to know!

Pangdemonium has never failed to impress me thus far! There is always this larger meaning behind the stories they play, and sometimes, they leave you thinking about life, about love.

So glad I'm now onboard. TO MORE AWESOME SHOWS WITH THEM!!

PS: ALSO WATCHED THIS SHOW WITH JEANETTE AW AND HOSSAN LEONG!!! Saw Jeanette once at the entrance and then again in the toilet! She has this artiste aura, but doesn't come off snobbish! #Starstruck though I'm not exactly a fan of hers. Lol.

Farewells & Celebrations!

A random shot of our partial skyline to start off today's entry.........

It's been a pretty busy week since my last update; ensuring there are proper documentations and guidelines for all that has to be done, making it easier for the next person to take over. Also enjoying my last week having good farewell meals with colleagues, and the last birthday celebration I'll be organizing.

Yesterday was officially my last day with Maybank.

It's been a bittersweet journey on the project; Every work day within the 1 year 10 months has definitely helped me grow as an employee and a person. Hopefully for the better...? Lol. The best takeaway from this experience has got to be the people I've met; It's pretty much the only reason why work was bearable.

Moving on~ First farewell lunch!

With Shruti, Herly and Chee Chien.

Went to Etna Italian Restaurant (X) @ Duxton Road, recommended by Chee Chien.

A very nice and quiet place for lunch, but I bet dinner time would be super crowded and noisy.

I hope you're not hungry now because food pictures up next! Had to take a picture of each dish because they were plated so nicely! Also because it was an expensive farewell lunch for me. HEHE.

Bread basket to start off our appetite!

Sometimes I wonder why they start off a meal with bread though. Aren't appetizers meant to work up your appetite? Bread just makes me full. Lol.

Grilled Calamari
Super nice! Cooked just right and goes really well with all the other vegetables put together.

I cannot remember what this is..........................
But I think it's some mushroom? Or brinjal? Lol.

Simple pizza, but oh-so-good!
Thin crusts makes it easy to finish and not too filled up to want another slice.

Lasagne! It is always difficult to make lasagne look good, hahaha. But the taste for this made up for it.
Super fattening with all the cheese, but does not make you grow sick of it!

Ravioli with lobster!
Was surprised at the portion (approximately 6 pieces for $36?!), and I don't think I tried this. The person who ordered it would be damn sad if we each took a bite. Lol.

Then again, we were all sharing la.

Whoop whoop! The best order for the day.
Very tender and cooked just nice. Not too well done, but not bloody raw too!
Portion so worth it compared to the ravioli. :X

Ended our lunch with a sweet Tiramisu dessert. ♥

 Us waiting for our cab.

&The very same day, we celebrated their birthdays!
Last one I'm organizing for them; &I actually forgot to get the cake! Lol.

We didn't prepare a cake in advance, thinking we could get it somewhere near our lunch place. Turns out, there was no bakery near the restaurant!! So when we were done with lunch, we quickly googled for a bakery nearby and made a quick pit-stop to purchase it... Lol.

Apart from getting the cake in the 'last minute', we also forgot we left 2 laptops in the car!!!!! It was insane! Couldn't believe it when I realize we didn't have it. LOL. I am so glad we managed to reach the Grab driver and he was so kind to deliver it back to office. PHEW! Technology and this new cab hiring service is so cool, so convenient now! Imagine riding on a normal hailed cab - How would we be able to track him down in that few hours! Won't even remember the car-plate number.

The next day; Friday.

We were out and about after work for an after-party with our vendor.

Free beer, free food FTW!!!
Event so nicely scheduled, it felt like another farewell celebration for me. HAHAHA.

But really, it was a very nice night hanging out with everyone. I really like OverEasy Bar. Their sliders are so good!

&So, that was my last week...

This is from yesterday, the last farewell lunch with more of my team members.
People I'll remember. :)

Had good Indian food and that is going to be another thing I'll miss! Indian food. Not that we can't eat it if we want to, it's just usually not in my list of choices because I don't really know what to order. As usual, they ordered all the good food to share yesterday. *rubs tummy* So satisfying just thinking about it.

&Yesterday was my last day. Mini gift from my new friends in the other department. ^^ Super sweet of them to write me messages, even getting me a cake!

Gave my Hello Kitty seat cushion to Ruth because she really liked it.
I like it too, of course! Just, wasn't sure my mum would be thrilled with me bringing home another plushie. Lol.

I am also just back from the last farewell lunch with my bosses; Was extremely touched when they told me to look out for a lunch place and they'll treat me. HEHE. I am not exactly close to them, just on normal working terms. So, it felt really nice to know they wanted to buy me a meal. Part 2 of feeling surprised when they tried to negotiate for me to stay. :')

&Now, I am moving on. ^^

Signing off with some favourite shots over the week!

Random lunch @ AMK's Nakhon Kitchen last week.
Standard so much better than the one at Kovan's!

Till next time, xoxo.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Another Birthday : Sister's!!

Took the day off today and spent some time with le sister!!


Such a nice picture of them both.

Shot taken last night when her friends came by to surprise her.. It's like a yearly thing they do; Very sweet of them, but kindda predictable, but still a surprise for the sister. Lol. It's like... she really never expect her friends to do it (again), because she always tell them not to. Them doing a reverse psychology on her, maybe? Purposely surprising her because she say not to. hahaha.

This year, I'm all about doing something different.... First was my birthday; picnic-ed in Lazarus Island and checking out fishes in Sea Aquarium. Then, it was Haniza's birthday; had fun at Trick Eye Museum. And most recently, Kesslyn's birthday; being artsy.

So for my sister..........................


We also had lunch at TCC first. Their birthday month 50% off, FTW!! I am also a little sick today. Meh. This damn flu.
But ain't no flu gonna stop us having fun!

Back to the exhibit!

Though it's a work day, there was still quite a crowd!
Don't people have to work? :X

The exhibit was a lot of fun, though slightly more.... kiddish.

Getting our fingers dirty with the crayon!

Sister's UFO and my hideous house.

Clearly, my dad's artistic flair only went to my sister. :( There's even shading and a little depth to her UFO! Mine is just a house with terrible color scheme. I bet a kid can do so much better. BOO!

Seeing our artwork come to life!
It is cool how our 2D arts went up and became 3D!


I like these colour-changing blocks of squares.

At this point, my sis and I had a little tiff. LOL! So typical of us; can never hangout without quarrelling once. But it was short-lived. &So, no silhouette picture of me here. :(


So overrated, but it was gorgeous! After a few shots, we just stood there and look at the lights change and glitter. Such a beauty.

After the museum, we headed out to check out Gardens by the Bay!

Singapore is gorgeous, isn't it? Even with these fake trees.

It is our first time checking out the flower domes! Paid to go in because it was tulip season~ Also because.... air-conditioned. HEHE.

They say, 'One man's Tulip is another man's onion'.
Nothing relevant to anything here today, just wanted to type that because tulip. HAR.

Look at the colours! And the humans!

So.... I'm not really a flowers person.. And I hardly take pictures of just flowers~ But they were gorgeous! I loved the colours, so here are some shots! Took the chance to play with my camera too. HEHE.

(Also because there was nothing else to do, just looking at them felt kindda lame? Lol.)

This is natural ombre leh! The pink to purple!!!

Happy sis.

Full blown and pink colour!

The other dome.
Super cooling!

Some selfies with tulips!

After admiring the flowers and enjoying the sun in the airconditioned domes (hehe), we strolled back to Marina Bay and had tea!

Scones and a pretty dessert to end our afternoon together. ^^

Headed back to meet the parents for dinner thereafter.

Overall a very good day because it was a great time well spent with le sister. ^^

Okay, favourite shots to end the entry!